"Battle of the Rhineland" WW II Reenactment

World War II Reenactment                                                 in Northeastern North Carolina            

Rhineland Battle VIII 

                                                                                March 4-6, 2016


  ' It's a brisk February day, the Germans forces have just set up a defensive line west of the Rhine river.  Reinforced with Volkstrum Units and Hitler youth forces, The front line troops prepare for the inevitable attack to come.  The Allies know they are up for a fight as they approach the last natural barrier to the German heartland.  The stage is set!'

Annual Event on the North Carolina Virginia Border off I-95 

Address for Class 3 Weapons


22960 Hwy 48
Enfield, NC 27823


(Address not for registrations)


 Hosted by 6.Kompanie- 116.Panzer Div.  Living History Group

"Windhund Vor!"

A Battle in Time - Europe Event

member of the Va.-Carolina Military History Assoc., Inc.